Environement texture test in blender






Work in progress/work in pause/works like seeds

Cattura di schermata (279) Cattura di schermata (280) Cattura di schermata (281)

Glitchy visual

Cava Risonante

An interactive installation and concert in Casa Cava - Matera

Here is the video about my last work.
An inframedia interactive installation realized toghether with Joe Johnson (www.fnh.mx).
We collected audio and video recordings from Matera and the surronding territory, creating toghether audiovideo sequences, a database of audio samples from the area and a database of impulse responses ready to be convoluted by other musicians.

Those materials can be enjoyed through the installation composed by 5 objects from the local tradition that recall the A/V sequences on a screen and a MIDI keyboard, the object support digital interaction thanks to some contact microphones wich feel the interaction with those objects sending electric signals to an Arduino board connected to a custom software patch made with Max/MSP and VVVV, everything is connected to a screen and two audio speakers to see and view the virtual camera travelling in the virtual world composed by the material we collected, and to hear and see wich sample is playing, in wich place, while interacting with the MIDI keyboard.

Thanks to Casa Cava and the Onyx Jazz Club for the support.


Old stuff

I’ve found those old images while cleaning up hard drives. I like them and I want to share them here.






VVVV camera fly on point of interest

Here the patch

Note: is the corrected patch, now you can change the target during the target change animation.

L’origine du monde

Courbet's Origin of the World


new stuff

Continues the work with k-sine.

This video is an excerpt from the performance which we are currently creating.

It’s inspired from the Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze, transposing the human desire for happiness to the digital world and the digital memories.